Author: nithya

  • Soba Noodles and Tofu in Cilantro-Tamarind Sauce

    I had a craving for soba noodles tonight and no time to stop by the grocery store, so my ride back to Brooklyn was spent ticking through things we already had in the fridge which might be soba noodle worthy.  My result was inspired by Heidi Swanson’s post on her blog, (you can find […]

  • Matar Mushroom – Shitake Mushrooms and Peas

    I wanted to make one of our favorites for dinner tonight – mattar paneer – since R came home after a week of traveling and is about to set off on another week of traveling.  Unfortunately, paneer is hard to come by in Brooklyn so I made mattar mushroom instead using shitake mushrooms.  I rarely follow […]

  • Hello world…

    After much raving about cooking blogs and swapping recipes with family and friends, I’ve decided to start my own cooking blog to share the vegetarian recipes that I test out in our kitchen. R has graciously agreed to support my blog by volunteering to eat anything that I make.  How kind. You’ll mostly find vegetarian, Indian recipes in my cooking […]