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  • Semolina Dosa

    I’ve confessed that I cheat a little right? You’ve realized I’m not Martha right? We’re clear on this right? We’ve reached that point in our relationship where we discard with niceties right? Ok. It’s settled. Either you already figured it out or I’m telling you now. I like shortcuts. I love traditional Indian cooking. But […]

  • I scream, you scream – Banana Ice Cream

    Mothers will go to great lengths for their children. Ten months ago, I wouldn’t get within five feet of a banana. Their sweet taste makes me gag. The smells gives me a freshly pinesoled elevator style headache. I ate one once and had the worst stomachache of my life. And now? Well, now I can […]

  • Baby Food: Zucchini Matchsticks

    A ping pong machine.  That’s what Surya’s little mouth has become.  This weekend it’s been a revolving door for whatever she allows in.  In.  Out.  And with force.  And bounce.  Like the little ball in a ping pong machine. This has led to much hypothesizing by us.  She’s teething.  She’s tired.  She’s going through an […]

  • Stone Soup

    It gets dark early.  My light fall coat is not really cutting it.  And I should be wearing a scarf.  But I’m in denial that the seasons are changing.  I mean, I know summer is over.  Right?  It’s over.  I know.  It’s over.  But the 48 degree weather outside is practically (by my definition) “winter” […]

  • Baby Food: Garlicky Broccoli with Parmesan

    As though she knew it was a big day, on her nine month birthday Surya learned how to pick up a puff from my palm and put it in her mouth on her own.  The first few times, she forgot that the drill was insert puff-remove fingers-chew and left her fingers in there for the […]

  • Baby Food: Spiced Peaches

    Did you know that even though Georgia is called “The Peach State”, South Carolina produces more peaches?  I stink at trivia but for some reason, that factoid from South Carolina history has stayed with me through the years.  Less clear in my mind is why South Carolina is called “The Palmetto State.”  Something about a […]

  • Baby Food: Mango Sauce with Cardamom and Saffron

    One of the baby food books I read suggested that “mangos and other exotic fruits” should be saved until your baby is a little older.  That made me giggle a little and wonder “exotic to whom, exactly?”  Have you ever read those little stickers on pears that you buy in the grocery store?  They are […]

  • Baby Food: First Potato Curry

    For the first thirty something years of his life, my brother pretended like he didn’t eat mustard seeds.  My family is South Indian and mustard seeds are a main ingredient of the tempering which is a base for most South Indian foods.  What this means is that for thirty something years, my mom and dad […]

  • Baby Food: Easy Peas-y with Cumin and Coriander

    After reading the ingredients in Surya’s rice cereal, I decided to take action.  No more powdered cardboard for my baby.  If I expect her to eat the food we eat when she’s old enough to eat what we’re eating, then I better start building her palate now.  So I’ve been literally building it – one […]