Category: Breakfast/Brunch Recipes

  • Skillet Potatoes in Garlic Lime Oil

    I’m not sure if there’s a rule against re-posting old recipes. But I decided that in service of sharing delicious things to eat with you, I should repost my recipe for Skillet Potatoes in Mojo De Ajo (Garlic Oil) from 2009. Mojo De Ajo means Garlic Oil but it also translates into Garlicky Tangy Oil […]

  • Cherry Bomb Avocado Frittata

    My two best purchases in the last 12 months have been my Instapot and my Peloton bike. That seems like a fitting pairing. Cook delicious things, eat delicious things, attempt to burn off calories associated with delicious things. When I first bought the Instapot, I thought it would be magical. Like the Wardrobe in Lion, The […]

  • Fall Frittata with Crispy Potatoes and Soy Chorizo

    In New York, Fall is here and gone before we even realize the weather has changed. Mornings with a hint of sunny heat and just right breeze get away from us faster than we’d like. Frittatas stretch those mornings a little longer. Fast to make. Ready to take on whatever’s in the refrigerator. Delicious to […]

  • Mason Jar Lunch – Lentil Rice, Peas and Yogurt

    Lentils, tender green peas and rice with tempered spices tucked into a mason jar. The jar appears precious and hipster but is actually totally practical – a perfect fit for a woman’s work bag.

  • Peppery French Toast

    Eggs Dash of milk Healthy shake of salt and pepper Aleppo pepper Green chilies –> Peppery french toast.

  • Huevos Rancheros Frittata

    Cooking when guests are over has become tricky with Surya around.  She loves to be in the kitchen, clinging to my legs and wanting to be picked up.  It’s hard to keep chopping onions when an adorable 2.5 feet tall little cutie pie is dying for you to pick her up and cuddle.  So you […]

  • Cinnamon Apple Pecan Muffins

    A little something sweet to start your week off.  Yes, even we stop with the spicy and savory for the occasional sweet treat.  Moist whole wheat muffins studded with sweet cinnamon spiced apples and crunchy nuggets of pecans topped with brown sugar.  The perfect treat with a cup of chai on a cold, rainy day. […]

  • Skillet Potatoes in Mojo De Ajo (Garlic Oil)

    My mom has had me on a strict “baby friendly” diet ever since Surya arrived.  There’s a whole laundry list of foods that should apparently be avoided while nursing.  The list is in part derived from the internet and by way of word of mouth from my aunties in India.  I’m just thankful to have […]

  • Cracked Wheat Can Taste Good (Really)

    Cracked.  Wheat.  Porridge.  Nothing about that sounds good to me.  Cracked wheat porridge with vegetables.  Melt in your mouth potatoes.  Sweet peas and carrots.  And spices.  And creamy yogurt.  Served piping hot.  It starts to sound better, no?  Cracked wheat is made by cracking whole raw wheat berries.  This means that it’s high in fiber and […]

  • Aloo Chaat Style (Breakfast) Potatoes

    Yesterday on Everyday Food Radio, host Sandy Gluck was talking about sweet versus savoury french toast.  I shared with her listeners a recipe for Rajat’s Desi Style French Toast, a spicy, savoury french toast served with ketchup and chutney (no syrup here folks).  Of course, I was a bit of a bad wife because I entirely […]