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  • Grilled Cauliflower with Spicy Tomato Sauce

    Too many wasted meals of grilled vegetable plates for the vegetarian diner at restaurants had left me a little cynical. That changed this summer as we experimented with grilling. ┬áThere was lots of grilled corn, grilled stuffed tomatoes, grilled potato kebabs and this grilled cauliflower with a spicy tomato sauce. I tried to cut the […]

  • Crunchy Whole Spiced Potatoes

    We’ve been spending our weekends since August on Shelter Island – which means room for Surya to run and play in between “beach time” and “pool time” (and occasionally “ice cream time”). A few times, I’ve carefully toted my masala dabba along with me ┬áto cook Indian food. Cooking in someone else’s kitchen – especially […]

  • Introducing Half Pint Gourmet

    Dear Friends, I wanted to share a new site that I helped launch last week, Half Pint Gourmet, a website for kids recipes developed by parents, for parents. As a new mom, I often find myself stuck in ruts. And yet, I care a lot about food and what Surya is eating. It’s important to […]

  • Pinterest – My Bulletin Board for Recipes to Try

    I’ve searched for a long time for a way to create a file of recipes I want to try. I bookmark recipes. I print them out. I email them to myself. I thought about a weekly post of a recipe from around the blogosphere to try. All of these methods ultimately fail (though I never […]

  • South Indian Style Farro with Carrots and Peas

    I used to think of grains as a bit bland and boring. There. I said it. Sad but true. For years I avoided the bins of farro (barley), oats, wheat berries and quinoa assuming they were meant for vegetarians who didn’t like salt and spice in their food. Oops. There were years where I completely […]

  • Farmer’s Market Vegetable Tian

      It’s summertime which means I can literally start feeding my farmer’s market obsession. What’s popular in your farmer’s market right now? Ours is full of golden, yellow squashes, green zucchinis and pearly white onions. And juicy red tomatoes. My crisper was pretty full before Surya and I [and my dear friend Jason who I […]