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  • From the Spice Box: Tamarind Candy

    As a kid, I used to sneak into the pantry when my parents weren’t around and tear off a little corner from the block of dried tamarind that was guaranteed to be aplenty in our house.  I would pop the hard knob of tamarind into my mouth, looking like a baseball player with dip wedged […]

  • For the Love of Nutella

    Today is World Nutella Day, and I applaud the good people who decided that this chocolate and hazelnut wonder deserves a day of it’s own.  In honor of the occasion, I want to share the nutella drenched waffle pictured above that I had at Wafels & Dinges, a Belgian waffles truck.  Yes, that’s right.  A truck.  Where else […]

  • 10 Essential Indian Spices

    One of the best care packages I ever received was a full set of basic Indian spices that my sister put together in labeled jars.  Having the right spice on hand or not can take a great recipe and destine it either to a long, sad life in your junk drawer or earn it a spot in the […]