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  • No Noodles – Bread and Eggplant Lasagna

  • Lemony Spinach Lentils (Spinach Pappu)

    Two huge events have happened in my life within the last week.  First, I snuck away to have a baby.  Our beautiful baby girl, Surya, arrived last Thursday and we have been completely preoccupied with loving on her ever since.  Second, I’ve turned over my kitchen to my mother for the next three weeks.  Fortunately, […]

  • Post-Thanksgiving Quick “Recipe”: Mac ‘n Cheese with Chili

    I’ve been keeping Mac ‘n Cheese with Chili a secret from you for some time.  Mainly because it’s so so simple that I was embarrassed to share it with you.  And it involves a box and a can.  But I can’t in good conscience keep this combination of cheesy noodles, spicy soy protein and chewy, nutty […]

  • Tofu Medallions with Whole Wheat Spaghetti

    For those of you who don’t like tofu, I want to make a case for it.  If you are already sold on tofu, skip to paragraph 2 below.  Saying that tofu has no flavor is like saying an uncooked chicken breast tastes gross.  I’ve never had one, but I’m assuming you have to season and […]

  • Late Night Meals: Sesame-Garlic Soba Noodles

    We had a two and a half hour dinner last night.  I came home hungry.  Maybe it was baby. Maybe dinner was so long that I got full then hungry again before it finished. Maybe the Thai restaurant we picked, which is usually so good, was off it’s game (Halloween??). Take your pick but I think […]

  • Curried Corn and Cherry Tomato CousCous

    The Hamptons – it’s the New Yorker getaway.  Stretches of highway are adopted by Sotheby’s.  “Villages” are dotted with luxe home good stores and couture boutiques.  It also happens to be overflowing with loads of fresh, local produce AND – wait for it – wait for it – roadside farmer’s markets.  It was all I […]

  • Kadai Tofu: Tofu with a Rainbow of Bellpeppers

    Biting into a piece is paneer is a creamy, rich and chewy experience.  But it’s an experience that can be hard to come by – you can’t just pick up a block of paneer from your local grocery store (unless you live in Flushing, Queens and Patel Brothers is your local grocery store – in […]

  • Market Greens with Split Peas

    Do you have a grocery item that maintains a permanent on your weekly grocery list?  Something you know you can make use of no matter what your weekly menu?  Something that never dies a slow death in your crisper?  Greens.  They are always on my list, and they never go to waste.  Kale, collard greens, […]

  • Locaware: Green Tomato Lentil Stew

    I talk to my parents everyday and each evening I look forward to asking what they’re having for dinner.  It’s always something I wish I was eating too (which is half the reason I started cooking in the first place).  A few weeks back, my dad told me they were having locaware.  Undoubtably, a joke […]

  • Warm Bean Salad

    Still trying to decide what to make for the Fourth of July?  This warm bean salad is a favorite of ours – it combines the creamy, nutty taste of beans with tangy feta, crunchy sharp onions and juicy cherry tomatoes.  The key is to get the beans and the tomatoes mildly warmed.  This makes the […]