Category: Lentils, Beans and other Legumes

  • Swiss Chard and Spinach with Shitake and Peas

    Farmers markets really get me excited.  Rajat thinks it’s because they remind me of vegetable markets in India.  I think it’s because I associate farmers markets with warm weather and fresh, green vegetables that require sunshine and warmth (two things New York has been sadly lacking until the last few days).  An even more plausible […]

  • Sambar (Spicy Lentil Soup) and Akshaya Patra

    Daikon in Sambar Sambar is South Indian comfort food. It’s a mix of mashed nutty lentils, tomatoes and simple spices finished with the tanginess of tamarind. There are many different varieties and all families seem to have their own tricks.  Regardless, you follow the same essential steps no matter of the type of sambar.  Take […]

  • Punjabi Chole with Amchur Crusted Aloo

    Punjabi Chole with Amchur Crusted Aloo is possibly the easiest curry I’ve made in a long time.  The chickpeas are packed with protein and high in fiber, and their buttery, nutty taste mixes well with this heavy on masala curry sauce topped with tangy, roasted potatoes.  In a nutshell, you boil everything in a big stockpot, broil some potatoes […]

  • 99.98% Slow Cooked Daal Makhani

    I�EUR(TM)ve tried twice now to make Daal Makhani in my slow cooker. The first time was an utter disaster. I�EUR(TM)ll call the second time an �EURoeorchestrated�EUR� success. After slow cooking the daal for 8 hours, it was still a little tough. We were tired of waiting and ready to eat it with our palak channa, […]

  • Simplifying: Methi Daal

    Simplify.  That’s my new years resolution (more on that later).  So what better way to start the new year than with a dish which is simple in its ingredients, simpler in its preparation and anything but that in the amount of comfort food flavor and nutrients that it delivers…Methi Daal (Lentil Soup with Methi, or […]

  • Chili When Chilly

    When winter hits, thoughts of a steaming bowl of hearty, vegetarian chili makes the wind slapping my face, the ringing chill in my ears and frostbite in my fingers seem a little less awful.  A stockpot of it warms up our house and our bellies for a few days.  I like to top mine with […]

  • Black-Eyed Peas and Aloo Sabji

    For the longest time, black-eyed peas were filed away in the gray matter of my brain as a high school cafeteria side dish likely to be flavored with ham hocks.  I might have been confusing them with pinto beans for years.  I finally learned how tasty they are after trying Guru the Caterer’s black-eyed peas with […]

  • Matar Mushroom – Shitake Mushrooms and Peas

    I wanted to make one of our favorites for dinner tonight – mattar paneer – since R came home after a week of traveling and is about to set off on another week of traveling.  Unfortunately, paneer is hard to come by in Brooklyn so I made mattar mushroom instead using shitake mushrooms.  I rarely follow […]