Category: Mushrooms

  • Curried Mushrooms and Peas

    Late one Sunday after a weekend away, we came home to an empty fridge with a strong craving for Indian food.  I was wishing for an Indian version of Ina Garten who would load up my fridge with a proper Indian meal before my return.  If there’s anyone out there interested in filling that role, […]

  • Swiss Chard and Spinach with Shitake and Peas

    Farmers markets really get me excited.  Rajat thinks it’s because they remind me of vegetable markets in India.  I think it’s because I associate farmers markets with warm weather and fresh, green vegetables that require sunshine and warmth (two things New York has been sadly lacking until the last few days).  An even more plausible […]

  • A Very Desi Thanksgiving

    I’ve never characterized Thanksgiving as just “a day to be thankful” – it’s always been more about a day of good food, parades and family because I just don’t understand limiting thankfulness to one day.  A thing as difficult as say parades, however, I do understand limiting.  The loss of life and terror we saw this past […]

  • Vegetarian Sushi…Beyond California Rolls

    R first introduced me to sushi was four years ago in Lake Tahoe.  I loved the combo of rice and fresh veggies, rice and fried sweet potatoes, rice and tempura.  Sushi at non-vegetarian restaurants gives me the heebee jeebees though…I picture fish juice contaminating my veggie sushi (sounds crazy but is it really?).  Once, I […]

  • Matar Mushroom – Shitake Mushrooms and Peas

    I wanted to make one of our favorites for dinner tonight – mattar paneer – since R came home after a week of traveling and is about to set off on another week of traveling.  Unfortunately, paneer is hard to come by in Brooklyn so I made mattar mushroom instead using shitake mushrooms.  I rarely follow […]