Category: Tofu and Soy Protein

  • Simply Saucy: A 10 Minute Stir-fry Sauce

    We like it saucy (no R rated pun intended – that sounds dirty right?).  This stir-fry started off as an experiment.  It was so delicious that everytime we made stir-fry, Rajat would ask me to “make it in ‘that’ sauce.” Kitchen experiments are fabulous unless you forget to write down what you did because recreating […]

  • Palak Channa – Spinach and Chickpeas

    I�EUR(TM)ve been craving the smooth taste of hearty chickpeas ever since reading about Mike�EUR(TM)s channa masala. So, not surprisingly, Sunday�EUR(TM)s lineup included chickpeas. As a healthier alternative to palak paneer, we decided to make palak channa. Soft, buttery chickpeas swimming in pureed fresh spinach made for a fulfilling end to a lazy weekend. You can […]

  • Chili When Chilly

    When winter hits, thoughts of a steaming bowl of hearty, vegetarian chili makes the wind slapping my face, the ringing chill in my ears and frostbite in my fingers seem a little less awful.  A stockpot of it warms up our house and our bellies for a few days.  I like to top mine with […]

  • Saucy Soba Noodle Stir Fry

    Last Sunday, after a low key, relaxing spend-the-night with friends in Warwick, NY, we wanted a low key, relaxing dinner to cap off the weekend.  Stir fry is great because we just gather a few of our favorite veggies, throw them into the wok, pan fry or *grill a block of tofu and hit the […]

  • (Vegetarian) Unchicken Tikka Masala

    N, a good friend of mine who is a self-described “recovering corporate attorney who enjoys writing, traveling and the arts,” introduced me to veat when she brought Veat Makhani to a potluck dinner a few years ago.  R and I were immediately hooked on her makhani dish and on veat.  Veat’s a nice alternative when […]

  • Vegetarian Sushi…Beyond California Rolls

    R first introduced me to sushi was four years ago in Lake Tahoe.  I loved the combo of rice and fresh veggies, rice and fried sweet potatoes, rice and tempura.  Sushi at non-vegetarian restaurants gives me the heebee jeebees though…I picture fish juice contaminating my veggie sushi (sounds crazy but is it really?).  Once, I […]

  • Hold the Eggs – Tofu Sramble with Pesto

    It’s been nearly five months since R and I returned to Brooklyn from a three year stint in Boston.  Though the southerner in me is thrilled to have escaped before Boston’s winter, I do miss New England summers and easy escapes to the idyllic surroundings of the Cape, Maine and Vermont.  This Labor Day weekend, […]

  • Soba Noodles and Tofu in Cilantro-Tamarind Sauce

    I had a craving for soba noodles tonight and no time to stop by the grocery store, so my ride back to Brooklyn was spent ticking through things we already had in the fridge which might be soba noodle worthy.  My result was inspired by Heidi Swanson’s post on her blog, (you can find […]