Category: Zucchini

  • Crunchy Zucchini Koftas

    Crunchy on the outside. Melty on the inside. Light all around. That’s the best description for these zucchini koftas. This is an oldy but goody from May 2011. The last time I made these, we dunked them in a zaatar sumac spiked yogurt dip. This time around, they disappeared so quickly from the counter that […]

  • Baby Food: Zucchini Matchsticks

    A ping pong machine.  That’s what Surya’s little mouth has become.  This weekend it’s been a revolving door for whatever she allows in.  In.  Out.  And with force.  And bounce.  Like the little ball in a ping pong machine. This has led to much hypothesizing by us.  She’s teething.  She’s tired.  She’s going through an […]