Category: Sandwich Recipes

  • Aloo Tikki Sandwich

    Earlier this month, I daringly ventured into the Indian breadmaking arena.  In case you missed my Aloo Paratha post, it was a challenge that turned out to be surmountable after all.  My aloo balls for stuffing the paratha must have been a little on the small side though because we had some leftover aloo filling. […]

  • Ready Made Goodness – Cheddar Cheese Masala Burger

    About a year ago, my sister signed me up for Martha Stewart Living.  I love reading the magazine, I really do.  Although, I’ve never actually made anything from it.  When I hang a holiday wreath, I don’t cut stenciled leaves from gold foil and staple gun them to a wooden frame.  I buy one – and […]

  • Mumbai Mama, Take Me Home – Vada Pav

     Country roads, take me home, to the place where I belong…John Denver was singing about the mountains of West Virginia but his song resonated with me as I read about prominent Mumbaiites like Suketu Mehta urging the world to run to Mumbai – not away from it in response to the recent terrorist attacks.  I agree with Suketu’s […]

  • My Secret Dream to be a Sandwich Artist – Aloo Gobi Naanini

    R and I don’t usually don’t have time to really cook dinner on weeknights b/c we get home so late, so on nights like tonight, we rely on heating up leftovers.  I had gotten a little tired of the rice and aloo combo, so I decided to turn my leftover aloo gobi sabji into a […]