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  • Spicy Pesto 3 Ways: Basil-Mint Pesto Marinara

    Recipes that can be transformed from one dish into another and that hold up well as leftovers are really appealing to my schedule.  I usually leave home early in the morning and don’t return until after dark, sometimes toting along more work.  So, recipes like these which make for a quick and easy weeknight meal […]

  • Nutella Ricotta Stuffed Pancakes and Roasted Home Fries

    Last night, we met some friends for dinner at Cafe Ino, and I didn’t manage to save any room for their nutella panino.  We woke up this morning to hear what could only have been ginormous raindrops hitting our skylight, and I knew it was a perfect day for a decadent brunch.  We made nutella […]