Pinterest – My Bulletin Board for Recipes to Try

I’ve searched for a long time for a way to create a file of recipes I want to try. I bookmark recipes. I print them out. I email them to myself. I thought about a weekly post of a recipe from around the blogosphere to try. All of these methods ultimately fail (though I never actually tried the last one). When it comes time to answer the question “What should we have for dinner this week”, none of those recipes are readily available to me.

I’m hoping Pinterest will be my solution. Pinterest is pretty cool – it’s a virtual bulletin board organized around different topics. You can follow people and be followed. You can repin other people’s pins. So it’s a great way to organize, share and discover.

I started a Recipes to Cook bulletin board and am pinning recipes as I find them on the web that I want to try. Here’s a link to my Recipes to Try board. The one thing I don’t think I can do on Pinterest is make it open so anyone can pin a recipe to my board suggesting that I add it to my “to try” list. Maybe I’ll invite a few friends to pin to my Recipes to Try board. If you want to pin to my Recipes to Try board, drop me an email or leave a comment below.

If you’re already on Pinterest, then click on this button to follow me: Follow Me on Pinterest

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5 responses to “Pinterest – My Bulletin Board for Recipes to Try”

  1. Nithya, That is a very interesting way to bookmark recipes. Will definitely explore more to understand. Thanks for pinning my kulchas 🙂

  2. This is a great idea! How can I get on pinterest? I already bookmarked two of the recipes on your board — I have an over-abundance of zucchini and yellow squash from my CSA and need to use them! The bake you pinned looks great. Thanks for sharing.

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