I scream, you scream – Banana Ice Cream

banana ice cream

Mothers will go to great lengths for their children. Ten months ago, I wouldn’t get within five feet of a banana. Their sweet taste makes me gag. The smells gives me a freshly pinesoled elevator style headache. I ate one once and had the worst stomachache of my life.

And now? Well, now I can peel and chop a banana like a pro. I feed them to Surya straight from the skin. She stares at me deadpan, pointing at the counter saying “Na-na. Na-na. Na-na” over and over over. Bananas still make me queasy. But now I freeze them, whir them through the food processor and even pack them into a heart shaped muffin pan.

On the upside, when I saw this recipe on The Kitchn for Single Ingredient Ice Cream and then realized that one ingredient was bananas, I was happy to know that Surya could enjoy it even if I wouldn’t.

Single Ingredient Ice Cream

There are tons of great add-ins to this ice cream. Add a splash of maple syrup, a tablespoon of peanut butter or a drop of vanilla into the food processor. If the bananas need some help in the food processor, add a tablespoon of milk to get things going.

Peel bananas and chop into 1 to 1 and 1/2 inch thick coins.  Freeze for at least an hour or so.  Remove from freezer and run through a food process or blend until the bananas turn into smooth and creamy ice cream. I refroze the extra ice cream. Just let it melt a little and soften up when serving.


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