Category: Dessert Recipes

  • Coconut Ladoo – Fudgy and Sweet Indian Dessert

    Recipe can be found here. Being different when I was a kid growing up in the South was not, it felt, a thing to be celebrated. And showcasing your differences felt like an even worse idea. It was bound to be met with teasing and exclusion. So when one of Surya’s 2nd grade classmate’s moms […]

  • I scream, you scream – Banana Ice Cream

    Mothers will go to great lengths for their children. Ten months ago, I wouldn’t get within five feet of a banana. Their sweet taste makes me gag. The smells gives me a freshly pinesoled elevator style headache. I ate one once and had the worst stomachache of my life. And now? Well, now I can […]

  • World Nutella Day – Nutella Peanut Butter Cookies

    Is there anyone who doesn’t like Nutella? Is that possible? I’ve convinced myself that Nutella is good for me.  Healthy even.  Isn’t it?  I am guilty of hearing tidbits of “facts” from unreliable sources and repeating them as sound, test and tried and true facts.  When I want to.  When it’s to my advantage.  As […]

  • Baby Food: Mango Sauce with Cardamom and Saffron

    One of the baby food books I read suggested that “mangos and other exotic fruits” should be saved until your baby is a little older.  That made me giggle a little and wonder “exotic to whom, exactly?”  Have you ever read those little stickers on pears that you buy in the grocery store?  They are […]

  • Graham Cracker Crusted Carrot Halwa with Milk Chocolate

    Most indian sweets are so so sweet that they make your teeth hurt.  Like immediate-cavity-formation-throb hurt.  And Indian aunties always seem to want to force feed you a huge piece of some sweet that’s prasad, blessed by the temple, so of course you can’t throw it away and have to eat it.  I try to […]

  • Shaved Rose Water Ice

    What is it about the smell of roses that’s so relaxing?  Stick your nose into the center of a rose flower and inhale.   You’re greeted with a heavenly scent followed by a calm that comes over you.  For me, there’s also a regatta of sneezes that follows thanks to my allergies.   Shaved Rose […]

  • Goodnight Moon – Karwachauth and Tapioca Payasam

    I’m not one who skips meals, and I don’t “forget to eat.”  In fact, I’m at my all time worst when I’m hungry.  As a warning about my temperment when hungry, my brother, during his speech at our wedding reception, warned R to carry bite size snickers in his pocket lest by some stroke of misfortune I was made […]