First School Lunch

March 28, 2014

Monday was one of those life changing days. I had to start packing school lunch. Oh, and Surya started staying at school until 3:15 pm each day instead of coming home after a half day at 11:45 am.

So far, we seem to be equally excited about school lunch. On Thursday, as a prelude to falling asleep, she kept calling out requests for Friday lunch. From upstairs I heard “Grilled cheese!” “Peanut butter and jelly!” “Blueberry jelly!” “The jelly with the bear on it!”

Maybe the magic will wear off soon. But for now, I love being responsible for feeding my little girl her lunch. It’s something that as a working mom, I didn’t do before this past Monday.

school lunch first day w labels


Peppery French Toast

February 8, 2014




Eggs Dash of milk Healthy shake of salt and pepper Aleppo pepper Green chilies –> Peppery french toast.


Crunchy. Soft. Red Bell Pepper and Black Bean Tacos

  There’s not a lot of culinary genius behind this idea for Red Bell Pepper and Black Bean Tacos. Except that was easy. Tasted good. Surya loved them. Healthy. These Red Bell Pepper and Black Bean Tacos are genius! They are easy, delicious, healthy and (maybe) will even win over your toddler. Hard shelled tacos are […]

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Working Mom’s Puff Pastry Samosa Loaf

I had already well established that stuffing puff pastry with delicious fillings only leads to more deliciousness when I started making puff pastry samosas. Then one Tuesday this past summer at about 4 p.m. I had a seismic realization. My daughter’s pre-school teachers were coming for a home visit. I would be expected to serve […]

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Happy Diwali!

Happy Diwali! This is our first year celebrating Diwali since Surya has been old enough to understand the holiday. We’ve been reading her Amma, Tell Me About Diwali (which I would recommend) and just lit diva’s together tonight. To make it even more special, we’re taking these cupcakes in for her pre-K class tomorrow. No, those […]

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Toasted Radish and Chive Crostini

radish crostini

I stood in my kitchen thinly slicing a bunch of radishes feeling slightly awestruck by their beauty. The hot pink skins and unblemished, creamy white interior. The way they sliced so thinly with little effort on my part. A pile of them collecting on my cutting board looking like little pieces of pretty paper. Like […]

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Crunchy Bean Salad with Buttermilk Dressing & New Jersey

Crunchy Bean Salad in Buttermilk Dressing

 If you believe my Twitter profile, I was forced to leave Brooklyn kicking and screaming. If you saw the kitchen that I get to cook in now, you would know that’s not exactly the whole truth. Earlier this year, we packed up our house and moved our family across one bridge, two rivers and one […]

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Lemony Kale Salad with Mint and Green Chili

kale salad

This past week had a first for me – I signed up for a CSA. I resisted for a long time because I had visions of seasonal vegetables languishing in my fridge. But we’ve been pretty good for the last few months about not letting our fresh veggies see too much of the inside of […]

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