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  • Soupy Soba Noodles

    Earlier this week, I posted a recipe for a really easy stir-fry sauce with the forewarning that it’s really saucy.  It was so saucy and flavor packed that I thought it might work well as a soup and gave it a shot with the stir-fry leftovers.  As we watched President Obama address the nation, the […]

  • Simply Saucy: A 10 Minute Stir-fry Sauce

    We like it saucy (no R rated pun intended – that sounds dirty right?).  This stir-fry started off as an experiment.  It was so delicious that everytime we made stir-fry, Rajat would ask me to “make it in ‘that’ sauce.” Kitchen experiments are fabulous unless you forget to write down what you did because recreating […]

  • Punjabi Chole with Amchur Crusted Aloo

    Punjabi Chole with Amchur Crusted Aloo is possibly the easiest curry I’ve made in a long time.  The chickpeas are packed with protein and high in fiber, and their buttery, nutty taste mixes well with this heavy on masala curry sauce topped with tangy, roasted potatoes.  In a nutshell, you boil everything in a big stockpot, broil some potatoes […]

  • 99.98% Slow Cooked Daal Makhani

    I�EUR(TM)ve tried twice now to make Daal Makhani in my slow cooker. The first time was an utter disaster. I�EUR(TM)ll call the second time an �EURoeorchestrated�EUR� success. After slow cooking the daal for 8 hours, it was still a little tough. We were tired of waiting and ready to eat it with our palak channa, […]

  • Aloo Paratha – Spiced Potato Filled Flatbread

    Warm, generously filled parathas (stuffed Indian flatbread) remind me of cold, wintery mornings at my husband�EUR(TM)s family�EUR(TM)s house in Delhi. We wake up to be treated to hot parathas and steaming chai. Despite our �EURoeprotests�EURoe against such a heavy breakfast and �EUR�pleas�EURoe for no butter, we let our plates be filled with hot paratha after […]

  • Palak Channa – Spinach and Chickpeas

    I�EUR(TM)ve been craving the smooth taste of hearty chickpeas ever since reading about Mike�EUR(TM)s channa masala. So, not surprisingly, Sunday�EUR(TM)s lineup included chickpeas. As a healthier alternative to palak paneer, we decided to make palak channa. Soft, buttery chickpeas swimming in pureed fresh spinach made for a fulfilling end to a lazy weekend. You can […]

  • Five Star Eggplant Parmesan

    Eggplant parmesan is a childhood favorite of mine.  An oozy combination of cheese embracing fried eggplant wading in pools of tangy tomato sauce.  Growing up, it wasthe perfect break in our daily menu of rasam, yogurt rice and kura…one of the few “American” (i.e. non-Indian) dishes my mom made that even my dad would eat.   […]

  • Simplifying: Methi Daal

    Simplify.  That’s my new years resolution (more on that later).  So what better way to start the new year than with a dish which is simple in its ingredients, simpler in its preparation and anything but that in the amount of comfort food flavor and nutrients that it delivers…Methi Daal (Lentil Soup with Methi, or […]

  • Indian Cure for a Cold: Tomato Garlic Rasam

    Tangy, spicy heat massaging my vocal cords.  Roasted mustard seeds, cumin, garlic and pepper steaming towards my nose.  Each maintaining a soft cadence under direction of the nutty paste of toor dhal.  Filling my belly.  Warming my throat.  Reviving my olfactory senses.  Cold cold go away.  Please don’t come back another day. R and I were not […]

  • Mumbai Mama, Take Me Home – Vada Pav

     Country roads, take me home, to the place where I belong…John Denver was singing about the mountains of West Virginia but his song resonated with me as I read about prominent Mumbaiites like Suketu Mehta urging the world to run to Mumbai – not away from it in response to the recent terrorist attacks.  I agree with Suketu’s […]